We accept the supreme authority of the Word of God. The Bible is the only guide for faith and practice. It is the grid through which we are to evaluate our experiences and opinions, not vice versa.

We believe in the normal (literal) interpretation of Scripture. This means that the plain, ordinary reading of a text (a literal reading) is understood as its meaning, unless the text itself suggests that it is to be understood figuratively or allegorically.

We believe that God keeps those He saves to eternal life. Although some people may make professions of faith who are not genuinely converted, all who are converted will be saved. The faithful believer in Christ, therefore, can have assurance of salvation.

We believe Christian growth is a process, not an instantaneous achievement. At the moment of conversion- when we place our faith in Jesus- we are saved from sin’s penalty, and our future in heaven is secured.  However, sanctification- being conformed to the image of God’s Son- is a lifelong process which culminates in heaven.

We believe in Divine creation. God is the Creator of the universe. Creation itself is the greatest evidence of the Creator, and some have suppressed that knowledge to avoid accountability to God.

We believe every Christian has the Holy Spirit living within them, and has been gifted by Him to serve Christ. However, no specific spiritual gift is to be possessed by every believer. No particular gift is a sign of spirituality, nor of greater enablement, nor of the Spirit’s indwelling or filling.

The Agreed confession of First Baptist Church of Fayette is the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

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